The TUDP Corpus is freely available. The only reason we require registration is that we need to track who downloads the data. We also want to be able to inform you of any updates to the releases.

To request access to the TUDP Corpus, please fill out this form You will receive an automatically-generated username and password via email. Data collected is unencumbered and can be used for both research and commercialization purposes.

Once you have obtained the username and password, you can selectively download portions of the corpus using your browser. You can also use our anonymous rsync service to download the data.

Because of the size of the files, it is likely that your internet connection may crash. Therefore, we recommend you wrap rsync with a script that automatically restarts rsync. This will allow your download to continue until it is finished. Please download this script and modify it accordingly to download the data you want to retrieve.

The rsync command:

                rsync -auxvL .

The link to the full list of releases:


Doshna, B., Wevodau, Z., Jhala, N., Obeid, I., & Picone, J. (2021). The Temple University Digital Pathology Corpus: The Breast Tissue Subset. In I. Obeid, I. Selesnick, & J. Picone (Eds.), Proceedings of the IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium (SPMB) (pp. 1–3). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. (Download).