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(20210903) We are very happy to announce that we have released v5.0.4 of our EEG annotation tool. It is also available from our anonymous rsync server.

(20210827) We submitted two papers and three abstracts to IEEE SPMB this month. Our submissions can be found here.

(20210809) The Call for Papers for IEEE SPMB 2021 has officially closed. We have received 35 papers and 16 abstract submissions. Consider joining us on December 4th for our annual symposium.

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View a quick quide on getting started with our recent release of the NEDC EEG annotation tool.

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The 11th annual IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium is scheduled for December 4th. It aims to provide an interactive forum where bioengineering and signal processing researchers can collaborate on emerging trends in signal processing.

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