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Microsoft Word Standards
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IES publishes volumes of research every month. For this reason, we have set standards by which all documents should be written. We have programming standards so that everyone who looks at one of our programs has an easy reference to our structure and syntax. This tutorial will do the same for Microsoft Word by explaining the way we format and structure all of our documents.

One way we accomplish this is through uniform paragraph styles. The best way to start writing any document for IES is to open up a template or document based on the style of the conference or organization for which you are writing. After opening the appropriate document or template, go to
Format >> Styles and Formatting
A sidebar listing every formatting style used in the document will pop up. Familiarize yourself with the order of these styles and use them exclusively when writing your paper. When your document is finished it should contain nothing but IES Formatting Styles. In order to reformat text according to an IES style, select the text and click on the appropriate IES style in the Styles and Formatting pane.

If you are editing Microsoft Word's default styles to match IES standards, mouse over the style you wish to change, click the downward arrow that appears on the right, and click Modify... In the dialog box that pops up, make whatever changes need to be made, and remember to change the name to indicate an IES style.

The following sections describe the nuances of each part of a paper, from top to bottom.
If you need more general or more specific help with Microsoft Word or any Microsoft Office software, you can visit the Microsoft Office Assistance page.
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