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On-line Tutorials and Courses

This page contains an overview of six types of tutorials available to users on our web site. In addition to the tutorials below, you will find programming examples for specific classes and libraries included in our foundation class documentation.

The Production System
Want to run our production system? Here you can find a complete tutorial that walks you through the process of building a state of the art speech recognition system step by step.
The Prototype System
The prototype system was our first released system and implements a typical LVCSR system. This tutorial teaches you how to build a system to recognize Alphadigits (e.g., "zero", "one", ..., "a", "b", ..., "z").
General Tutorials
Want to learn how to program with our foundation classes? Want to understand what subset of the C++ language we use? This branch of our tutorial web site contains relevant tutorials on such background topics.
Monthly Tutorials
This is an archive of the short tutorials that appear each month on our speech recognition home page. These tutorials highlight useful features of our software environment and speech recognition technology.
This is an archive of the various workshops we have held on our technology. This archive includes on-line notes and laboratories for our one-week summer training workshop.
This is an archive of the various on-line courses that are available to you. These include a comprehensive course on the fundamentals of speech recognition.
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