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General Tutorials on Relevant Programming Issues
C++ Syntax
C++ Syntax: A good C++ programming environment can enhance productivity. A bad C++ programming environment can result in endless memory leaks and segmentation faults. In this tutorial, we describe the subset of C++ that we stress in our software development.
C++ Standards
C++ Standards: At the core of our software engineering philosophy are a set of standards for how we develop C++ code. These include many conventions for the cosmetics of the code as well as structural issues such as variable naming conventions. The general goal of these standards is to enhance the readability of the code.
HTML Standards
HTML Standards: This tutorial will help identify the HTML standards that are necessary in order to create uniform, easily understandable, and error free web pages.
Java Standards
Java Standards: Java code is very similar to C++. Hence, many of the standards described here follow our C++ standards. However, Java supports a documentation generation tool known as Javadoc. This tutorial teaches you how to format and document code so that Javadoc will produce high-quality documentation.
MS Word Standards
Microsoft Word Standards: Consistency in the formatting of Microsoft Word documents is very important, especially where it concerns published documents and conference papers. Here we describe in detail the standard template to be used on all IES documents.
Programming Language Standards: We have collected a number of useful links that point to definitions of various programming language standards. Such documents are an important tool for tracking conformance to a particular language standard and guaranteeing compatability with future versions of compilers (particularly gcc).
Reference Formats: We use a standard format for citations. This document provides example citations for all types of documents we reference in our software and publications, including electronic documents such as URLs. These recommended formats are based on the IEEE standards.
IFC Documentation
ISIP Foundation Classes (IFCs): The ISIP Foundation Classes (IFCs) represent a comprehensive hierarchical set of C++ classes that support advanced research in signal processing. The IFCs include modular implementations of a speech recognizer, generic pattern recognition and signal processing algorithms, template-based data structures, matrics, vectors, and even an abstract file I/O interface.
Monthly Tutorials
Monthly Tutorials: This section contains tutorials created by members of IES in order to guide you through parts of our speech recognition software. Visit the guided tutorial archive here.
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