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About our Software

Our vision stems from the fact that research commonly suffers from a creative backlog due to rewriting of common functions, and the time spent in debugging such things as file I/O. The ISIP Foundation Classes (IFCs) and software environment are designed to meet this need, providing everything from complex data structures to an abstract file I/O interface.

We provide support for our system on Linux as long as the minimum system requirements are met. The latest version of our system can be downloaded here. Then follow the simple quick start guide and you will be on your way.

Download Our Software
  • (03/21/11) Production System (r02_n04): This release solves compatbility problems with gcc v4.x.x. and is compatible with 64 bit machines.

  • (08/28/08) Prototype System (v5.17): A cross-word context-dependent LVCSR system. Recommended for speech technologists and application developers. Now includes a spoken term detection tool.

  • (07/06/06) HLT Demo System (v001): A research environment that provides a variety of speech technology demonstrations.

  • (11/29/00) TIDIGITS Toolkit (v5.7): A toolkit that demonstrates the essential steps in building a recognition system.
Visit our software release archive for previous release information.
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    Software-Related Resources

    • Documentation: html-based documentation that includes links to the actual source code.

    • Tutorials: step-by-step instructions for building a state-of-the-art LVCSR system.

    • Demos: conduct an experiment using our remote job submission facility; explore our Java applets.
    Consult our legacy software archive for some of our oldies but goodies.
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