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On-line Courses and Educational Material Relevant to Speech Recognition

Below is a list of links to courses offered within ISIP related to the area of human language technology, as well as links to some valuable on-line courses that are available on the Internet. Please submit your suggestions for other useful links to

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  ISIP On-line Courses:

    Speech:     Machine Learning:
  • ECE 8443 - Pattern Recognition: The foundations of speech recognition are based on fundamental machine learning topics such as classification and discrimination.
    Statistics:     Digital Signal Processing:     Other:
  • ECE 2991 - Unix Software Tools: This special topics course was taught in 1995. It is fun to look back and observe the state of computing at that time.

  • ISIP 0001 - Unix Software Engineering: A special topics course describing Unix tools to support software engineering that was taught at Mtel (became Skytel... became WorldCom... became bankrupt...).
  Related Internet-based Material:

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