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Java Applets
Job Submission
Java Applets Interactive Java applications that demonstrate the usefulness and cabilities of our software. Included are demos for Convolution, Dynamic Time-Warping, Filter Design, Pattern Recognition, Pole/Zero Analysis of Linear Systems, and a Spectrum Analysis tool. Job Submission A Speech Recognition Experiment Server that lets you select from industry-standard evaluation tasks or upload your own data. You can also view the results over the web, and compare your results to a local implementation.
Audio Demos
Interactive Tools
Audio Demos A collection of audio demos that contain audio-enhanced web pages that demonstrate various interesting phenomena related to speech production and perception. Included are demos for speech recognition units and transcription challenges. Interactive Tools Our interactive tools section includes a Tcl-Tk based graphical demo of the trace projector speech recognition system. Also included is our DARPA Communicator demo in which a Tcl-Tk based graphical interface serves as a front end for the decoder.

Note: All applets on our web site now require a Java plug-in that supports Java 2 code. This is necessary so we can bring state-of-the-art Java features to you which are not currently supported by browser vendors such as Netscape. You can find the appropriate plug-in at http://java.sun.com/products/plugin. We have generated a list of steps necessary for installing the plug-in in a Unix environment. For additional information or help with your installation please contact ies_help@cavs.msstate.edu.
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