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Convolution Convolution: an interactive and animated demonstration of convolution for linear, time-invariant systems. This applet can be used to solve homework problems and to view the creation of a solution step by step. The user can program ranges and even create custom signals. Pattern Recognition Pattern Recognition: a visual introduction to the world of statistical pattern recognition. This tool presents the fundamental algorithms that are used to classify data. It allows users to create data sets, classify them, and compare several classification schemes simultaneously.
Dynamic Time Warping Dynamic Time-Warping: learn how dynamic programming is applied to the problem of time-warping and comparing a speech signal to a recognition model. This applet incorporates acoustic distance measures and allows you to mix and match models and speech data. Pole Zero Analysis Pole/Zero Analysis of Linear Systems: a tool which visually relates the location of poles and zeros in the s-plane and z-plane to the system response. Provides for direct manipulation of the pole and zero locations, analysis of the system frequency and impulse responses, and a three dimensional view of the pole/zero interaction.
Filter Design Filter Design: a hands-on approach to exploring digital filter design from a parameter-driven perspective. This applet incorporates many standard filter design algorithms along with user-defined filter parameters manipulation. Spectrum Analysis Spectrum Analysis: a tool providing interactive spectral analysis of user-defined signals. This tool provides insight into Fourier techniques and effects of windowing.
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