Electroencephalography (EEG) Resources


Our goal is to enable deep learning research in neuroscience by releasing the largest publicly available unencumbered database of EEG recordings. This ongoing project currently includes over 30,000 EEGs spanning the years from 2002 to present. Data collected can be used for both research and commercialization purposes.

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To request access to these resources, please fill out this form. You will receive an automatically-generated username and password via email. Please be patient since it takes a few minutes to receive the email.

Since these databases are quite large, it is best to transfer them via hard disk. If you are interested in this option, please follow the instructions here.

EEG Annotation
Annotation of an EEG

What's New

  • (20200501) We have released v5.1.0 of our EEG annotation tool known as the NEDC EEG Annotation System (NEDC_EAS). This version includes enhanced support for xml and csv files, as well as some minor user interface tweaks and bug fixes.
  • (20220423) We have released NEDC Eval EEG (v5.0.0). This version fully supports our csv and xml annotation file formats.
  • (20210214) We have released v4.0.3 of our EEG annotation tool. This version supports Python v3.7.x and contains a number of bug fixes.

  • (20210107) We have released TUAR (v2.0.0), which is a significantly expanded version of the artifact corpus in which the entire signal is annotated.

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