Feature of the Day

(20230212) We have released the first official version of our low latency real-time EEG seizure detection system.

(20221207) TUH EEG Corpora: We have released updated versions of our TUH EEG corpora that contain many bug fixes and enhancements. See our TUH EEG project for more details.

(20220807) TUSZ (v1.5.4): We have fixed a few small bugs with the annotations (negative start times). Please use rsync to update your copy of our distribution.

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NSF PFI TT Project

By specializing in real-time computer assisted monitoring of electroence-phalograms (EEGs) in the intensive care unit (ICU), we have demonstrated a clear and urgent market for such technology. The primary focus of this project is to develop efficient and marketable technology.

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Recently Released Corpora

Our newest subset of the TUEG Corpus - the TU Artifact Corpus (TUAR) contains 310 EEG files in which every artifact has been annotated. The corpus was annotated using a five-way classification developed to meet the needs of our constituents.

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