Summer of Code

2015 | 2010


Machine learning and big data are redefining the way we discover and design engineering systems. Our annual summer camp is designed to expose students to these research topics and the underlying software skills required to be an effective researcher in these disciplines.

Big Data

  What's New:
  • (05/22/2015) 2015: Weekly reports are available here. Enjoy these short presentations prepared by our students.

  • (05/11/2015) 2015: Summer 2015 kicked off with a our teams arriving, getting settled and becoming acquainted with their assignments.

  • (05/21/2010) 2010: final presentations are now online here.
Students in this experience have the opportunity to work on extremely large datasets, learn about state of the art algorithms that automatically interpret signals such as speech and EEGs, and implement computationally intensive algorithms on a small Linux cluster.


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