Summer of Code - 2010

Our first summer camp was held in 2010. The focus was on speech and image processing. Three student teams participated. The projects included: were:

  • George Fava
This project involved modeling directional flow of a creek using Fourier Transform techniques. Coding was done in MATLAB.
Mass Spectroscopy
Mass Spectroscopy:
  • Amber Moscato
  • Ilyana Mushaeva
This project involved developing new signal processing techniques to model the detection of DNA sequences.
Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition in Java:
  • Mubin Ahmed
  • Jay Shukla
This project involved using the CMU Sphinx system to perform speech recognition of spoken digits.
Signal Processing Wars - DSP vs. FPGA:
  • Ross Keyes
  • Ajo Maret
This project involved comparing the complexity of solutions for digital filtering based on DSPs and FPGAs. Solutions were compared based on speed, cost and hardware complexity.


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