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2.1.3 Speech Files: Common Speech File Formats
Section 2.1.3: File Formats

The widespread use of speech file formats dates back to the first releases of industry-standard speech databases at Texas Instruments and the widespread use of common software through commercial programs such as ILS from Signal Technology Inc. With the advent of the Internet, numerous file standards have been developed. Below we summarize a few key formats that are used in speech recognition research.

None: Raw Files Fixed: NIST Sphere / Sun AU Variable: MS WAV and Sof
Raw files are simply binary data. You must specify the type and format of the samples since there is no header providing that information. Both NIST's SPHERE format and Sun's AU format begin with a single header followed by binary data. Microsoft's WAV file format, and ISIP's Sof format have intermittent headers and blocks of binary data throughout the file.
Section 2.1.3: RAW Files Section 2.1.3: SPHERE Files Section 2.1.3: WAV Files
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