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  • (02/08/04) Prototype System (v5.15): In this release, we have made a number of minor bug fixes, and made slight improvements to the runtime efficiency of the Baum-Welch trainer. These bug fixes will not significantly impact the overall decoding performance. This release was tested on Solaris x86 and Linux (RedHat v9.0). Note also that this is the first release in which we no longer officially support Sun Sparc hardware.

  • (05/15/03) Production System: A new release (r00_n11) of our C++ speech recognition toolkit. See our download page, our monthly tutorial, or our on-line tutorial for more information about the contents of this release.

  • (01/26/03) Prototype System (v5.14): A cross-word context-dependent LVCSR system. Recommended for speech technologists and application developers. This release is compatible with gcc version 3.2.1. Support to output the zeroth cepstral coefficient has also been added to the extract_feature utility (useful for some interoperability experiments).

  • (01/07/03) Production System: This release (r00_n10) contains many common features found in modern speech to text (STT) systems: a front end that converts the signal to a sequence of feature vectors, an HMM-based acoustic model trainer, and a time-synchronous hierarchical Viterbi decoder. The new features over last release include:

    • Phonetic decision tree-based state-tying;
    • Lexical tree-based N-gram decoding (used to implement cross-word phonetic models);
    • Annotation graph support;
    • Significant changes to the I/O interfaces for the recognizer;
    • Integrated parallel processing support.

    A tutorial is available to help you get started, and an off-line version of the documentation can be downloaded as well.

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