PennDOT Response Time Project

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The goal of this project is to estimate PennDOT response time using 911 emergency calls. An important outcome of the project is a database of emergency calls for all the counties bordering major interstates.

Pennsylvania Counties

Due to the lack of uniformity of these records, class records had to be manually paired. A Python-based software infrastructure was built to support these project needs.
  What's New:
  • (09/08/2017) Reports: An archive of the approved project reports.

  • (09/08/2017) Response Time Database: An updated version of the manually-paired county records. v0.1 is the most current release.

  • (07/31/2017) Pairing Demo: A demo of our tool developed to efficiently and accurately pair data.
Overview: Learn more about the history of this project and its relevance to PennDOT.

Downloads: A number of useful resources are available including the paired call center data and documents describing how the information is organized.

Docs: Browse a collection of relevant project-related documents.


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