PennDOT Response Time Project

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The data for this project consists of MS Excel spreadsheets containing the call center logs and mapping files that connect the county records to the PennDOT records. The data is available via a tar file, or you can directory browse the directories starting here>.

Release History:
  • (08/31/2017) Draft Final Report: The final project report that includes a statistical analysis of the call center data.

  • (08/06/2017) Response Time Database (v0.1): An updated version of the manually-paired county records.

  • (07/31/2017) Pairing Demo: A demo of our tool developed to efficiently and accurately pair data.

  • (02/15/2017) Response Time Database (v0.0): The inital version of the data, stored a single downloadable GNU compressed tar file.

  • (10/31/2016) Reports: Download the reports submitted to and approved by PennDOT.
You might also be interested in using a command like wget to download the data set. A typical wget command would look something like this:

      wget -r --no-parent --http-user="username" --http-passwd="password"\

The fields "username" and "password" should be replaced with the actual values you receive from us in email.


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