Automatic Interpretation of EEGs

Automatic Interpretation of EEGs
Project Goal:

Automatic labeling of an EEG signal in terms of primitives (events that play a role in making a diagnosis) and generation of a diagnosis.
Automatic Labeling of an EEG
This tool will improve the quality of healthcare through capabilities such as real-time alerting and data mining and provide advisory information to physicians.

Below are some resources for this project that we found to be useful:
  • Bibliography: A concise set of resources that are useful in learning how to interpret an EEG.

  • Publications: Recent publications on our research and technology development.

  • TUH EEG Corpus: A large, publicly-available corpus from NEDC.

  • NEDC: devoted to the collection and dissemination of bioengineering data.
Other useful signal processing and pattern recognition software can be found here.


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