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It is highly desirable to collect speech data from the telephone network by digitally interfacing to the network. This avoids an additional A/D conversion normally required by analog telephone data collection hardware.

People There exist two reasonable alternatives for digital interfaces in modern day telephony: T1 and ISDN. T1 is currently more pervasive and more cost-effective when a great number of telephone lines are to be used in a large-scale data-collection application (typically the break point is between 4 and 8 lines). T1 interfaces for Sun workstations have become a necessity in the speech research community. The market leader in this niche arena is a system developed by Linkon Corporation.

Using the Linkon system, we have developed a fully-expandable, robust system for platform-independent collection of telephone speech data. Our object-oriented software libraries and intuitive GUI provide powerful tools with which even a novice user can efficiently prototype complex applications. Using the system one can generate programs which range from simple single-user prompt/record demonstrations to robust SWITCHBOARD-type multi-user applications. The User's Guide provides a detailed overview of our system, a complete programmer's reference guide, and a step-by-step tutorial to illustrate prototyping of applications.

Download: This project was sponsored by the Linguistic Data Consortium.


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