Linkon Architecture

The linkon hardware was not specifically designed with speech data collection in mind, but rather to be a general purpose telecommunications board. The code developed for the system is built as a multi-level hierarchal C++ framework, which can be accessed from many different levels.

The Data_collect, Item, and Item_list classes are highly parameter dependent; a safe design option is to leave these classes driven by the GUI and parameter file interface and avoid any hard-coded settings.

The Tele_interf class is an appropriate level to interface with the hardware, allowing coding of a wide variety of applications without dealing directly with the device drivers. There is little advantage to going below the Tele_interf class for telephony board operations since most applications will use the functionality already built into this class.

Additionally, all platforms supported by ISIP in the future will use the Tele_interf class as a common entry point, thus providing support for multiple platforms and compatibility with other systems.

This project was sponsored by the Linguistic Data Consortium.