name: Vector<class TObject>: public DstrBase<TObject>


g++ [flags ...] file ...

#include <Vector.h>
Vector(long length = DEF_LENGTH);
boolean assign(const Vector<TObject>& copy_vector);
boolean shift(long delta);
boolean apply(boolean (TObject::*method)());
quick start:

// declare a character Vector of length 5
Vector<Char> val0(5);

// assign all the elements to be 'a'
Char item(L'a');

// check that each element is 'a'
for (long i = 0; i < 5; i++) {

  if (val0(i).ne(item)) {
     // error

The Vector class is a container class that can hold an array of objects, such as Char, String, etc. Vector provides the functionality of a standard C++ vector, such as random indexing, supports dynamic resizing, and even allows you to read/write the data from an Sof file as a single Vector object.


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