Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Agent Training


  • Task 1: Research current training methods employed by PennDOT.
  • Task 2: Research effective training delivery alternatives.
  • Task 3: Develop training curriculum, study material, and knowledge checks.
  • Task 4: Provide an oral presentation to PennDOT about findings.
  • Task 5: Finalize the Agent Training Courses Curriculum.


The primary goal of this project is to research, evaluate, improve and develop course material and delivery methods related to training required for authorized agents of PennDOT. These agents handle licensing for a wide range of motor vehicle-related businesses. We have developed new course materials that replace the current on-site classroom instruction approach and can be relatively easily converted into online training.

In addition, Temple University will provide a survey of instructional technology and make recommendations about the best way to deliver an online version of the course. Temple University will research best practices, survey customers, and develop a pedagogy that incorporates PennDOT needs for rigorous training yet provides instruction and evaluation in a constructive and user-friendly manner. This project was funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.