In-Vehicle Dialog Systems

Spoken language dialog systems allow a user to interact with a computer in a natural conversational style. Achieving this goal for the in-vehicle navigation task requires providing accurate, real-time responses to complex queries in a noisy environment. We have developed a demonstration system that allows users to navigate the Starkville/MSU area through spoken dialog. This system is based upon our public domain speech recognition system and the DARPA Communicator client/server architecture. We are using this prototype as a testbed to study other application areas ranging from adult E-learning to preschool literacy.



Relevant Resources:

  • Overview: A brief description of what we have accomplished in this project.
  • Bibliography: A collection of relevant papers on this topic.
  • Downloads: Download the latest versions of our software, data, and evaluation scripts.
  • Performance: A summary of our prototype system performance.
  • Publications: Access background information related to this project.
  • Meet the Team: Pictures and a short description of each member's involvement.
  • Installation instructions: Instructions to compile and run the HLT system


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