Issac Alphonso
Institute for Signal and Information Processing
Mississippi State University
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A common need in the area of signal processing is the development of large applications in a relatively short period of time. However, research in signal processing has typically been limited by software development time and suffers from a creative backlog. This is often due to rewriting of common functions and time spent debugging file I/O. To address these issues we have begun to build a large, hierarchical environment which will provide the functionality necessary to support advanced research in signal processing.

The cornerstone of this environment is the math hierarchy. This includes all of the functionality necessary for constructs such as scalars, vectors, and matrices. The math classes are supported by a file I/O class (Sof) which provides an abstract interface to file I/O and is Unicode compatible. Unicode compatibility is a particularly attractive feature for speech research as much of the focus in the speech research community is on multilingual recognition and translation systems.

In this seminar, we will first introduce the math classes and discuss their use in our environment. The latter part of the seminar will deal with internationalization issues including Unicode compatibility and multilingual processing.