Example 035: sw2121B-0114 - sw2121B-0116

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B-0114: right
B-0115: but if you were -[ju]st talking about something which was more or less universal that uh buses and any kind of vehicle had to pay a pollution tax
B-0116: um this would penalize the heavy polluters and not penalize the light polluters

  • What is the best way to segment this utterance?

    It is our normal procedure to avoid putting boundaries in the middle of noise (including breath noise) whenever possible. Originally, this section was two utterances where 0115 and 0116 were merged because the space between the two is entirely occupied by a breath noise which can be heard and can be seen at normal scaling. However, we believe that it is best to put the boundary in the noise in this case to maintain the clear turn boundaries in the speech.

    What do you think? Also, what would your opinion be if the amplitude of the breath noise were doubled? An order of magnitude larger? Two orders of magnitude larger?

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