Example 032: I don't understand what makes SWITCHBOARD so hard
Below are several examples that show why recognition of SWITCHBOARD data is extremely difficult. Listen for problems such as:
  • background noise

  • music in the background

  • fluctuations in pace of speech

  • laughter

  • partial words

  • hesitations

  • starts and stops

  • mimicking other voices and sounds

  • use of proper names

sw3314B-0002: "[noise] uh Major Dad the Monday night comedies on CBS like Major Dad [laughter] Murphy Brown is one of my favorites [laughter] f[or]- for some reason she reminds me a lot of myself [laughter] it's just the writing I think the writing on that's real good"
sw3314B-0003: "one I miss is uh Doctor Doctor [noise] I u[se]- we used to when it was on because I- I thoroughly enjoyed it"
sw3314B-0008: "oh [vocalized-noise] uh Designing Women yes with the Sugarbakers"
sw3314B-0010: "um do you have kids oh okay I was going to say because we also have to watch Dinosaurs on channel eight because oh [laughter] not to mama not to mama"
sw3314B-0011: "[noise] well when my two year old starts saying that it's like okay we we know what he's been watching for too long I just I oh I like those I [laughter] that's fun"
sw3314B-0017: "h-huh [noise] I like yeah I used to like it when Columbo and and all those were on and and Rockford Files but it's like [noise] gosh that seems like a long time ago [laughter] they're fun they're fun"
sw3314B-0021: "and we d[id]- we used to like to watch Twin Peaks for the first season it was like oh this is really neat and then it got weird like real strange"
sw3314B-0025: "and it even then it's like huh what [laughter] [vocalized-noise]"
sw3314B-0031: "[laughter] it was a really really strange show but [noise] it's like well I'm sorry it's gone but I really didn't got towards the end we didn't watch it at all anyway [noise]"
sw3314B-0039: "that was cute Pablo Pablo"
sw3314B-0040: "[noise] I was like it's just a stupid bug [noise]"
sw3314B-0042: "I know I think it was four hundred and eighty something dollars so they went to citizen's court ooh ah"
sw3314B-0050: "[laughter] it these people like they really have lives but it's just kind of strange"

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