Example 014: Coinage

Words that are said and have meaning but are not actual words.

  • okay Lewis maybe I'll talk to you again {alrighty} bye-bye bye
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  • {weatherwise} or otherwise {weatherwise}
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  • the person who sells the gun ought to protect {themself} because if that gun's registered to them and somebody else uses that gun in something
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  • yeah but is isn't there a way to um to {deregister} yourself after you register a gun
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  • so um anyway well it's good to hear from you and I hope we hope we did them_1 some good uh on their little computer {dealie} and uh
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  • and {pricewise} it was great because he did it all hisself
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Transcription Convention:

Coinages will be put in braces.

Examples: {alrighty} {weatherwise} {themself}


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