Initial versions of SWITCHBOARD were primarily used for developing speaker recognition systems. A preliminary evaluation of LVCSR systems using SWITCHBOARD was done in late 1994. This was followed by a full evaluation in April 1995 where the best system gave a WER of 43% with speaker adaptation and 50% without speaker adaptation. Since these initial evaluations there has been slow but considerable improvement in the performance of LVCSR systems. This is evidenced by the most recent evaluations held in Fall 1997. The table below summarizes the results.
  BBN   35.5 53.7 44.9
  BU   41.5 58.2 50.1
  CMU-ISL   35.1 54.4 45.1
  CU-HTK   39.2 57.6 48.7
  DRAGON   39.9 57.4 48.9
  SRI   42.5 57.5 50.2

Fall 1997 NIST Hub-5E Evaluation Results

Parallel to work done as part of the evaluations, the summer workshops held at CLSP, Johns Hopkins University have provided significant insights into problems posed by conversational speech, such as in SWITCHBOARD.

1996 LVCSR Workshop 1997 LVCSR Workshop