name: FrontEnd : public FrontEndBase


g++ [flags ...] file ... -l /isip/tools/lib/$ISIP_BINARY/lib_sp.a

#include <FrontEnd.h>

FrontEnd(const FrontEnd& arg);
boolean eq(const FrontEndBase* arg) const;
boolean setType(TYPES type_a);
long getNumChannels() const;
boolean setNumChannels(long arg);
boolean setCoeffName(const String& name);
quick start:

// configure the FrontEnd
FrontEnd fe;

// run the file
String raw_file(L"diagnose_AD.raw");
String output_mfcc(L".diagnose_mfcc_output.sof");, raw_file);

This class, coupled with
FrontEndBase, defines a methodology for implementing generic front ends - systems that convert a signal (e.g., audio, video) to a feature stream. The user specifies what processing should take place by creating a Recipe of general Algorithm objects, referred to as Components. Tools such as isip_transform process this recipe and produce feature files that contain the desired parameters. Currently, the only existing implementation for this class is AudioFrontEnd which handles audio signal processing. The interface should be general enough to handle other types of data, such as video.

The class has two levels of interface. The first is the getVector() method, which allows a higher-level program (such as a speech recognizer) to obtain feature vectors on a frame-by-frame basis. The second is the run interface, which is used by the isip_transform driver program to produce an output file for each input file.


public constants:

error codes:

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class-specific public methods:

boolean eq(const FrontEndBase& arg) const;
private methods: