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These instructions are meant to provide reference for the average installation of the Java Plug-in for operation with machines running Netscape Communicator. We provide basic instructions for: If your case does not fall under one of these then please consult one of the following sources for help:

What you will need

Before you start the installation, you will need to download a version of the Java Plug-in appropriate for your machine. This can be found at At the time of writing this text, the most stable version of the plug-in was version 1.1.2. A more recent version should work fine though one should typically avoid deploying beta releases of software across their network.

Installation For A Single-User Unix Account

  1. Download:

  2. Decompression and installation:

  3. Restarting your browser and confirming installation:

Installation On A Unix Network

  1. Download:

  2. Decompression and installation:

  3. Modifying environment for the plug-in:

  4. Restarting your login and confirming installation:


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