Powertrain Design Tools:

State of the art design tools in automotive engineering still lack the power, sophistication, and automation of design tools for the electronics industry. It is our goal to fundamentally advance automotive design engineering by introducing optimization and physics-based design principles into standard industry design tools. This will allow designers to globally optimize design criteria such as size, efficiency, cost, weight, volume, and achieve unprecedented reductions in design turnaround time.

Powertrain Design Tools

Our first step will be to implement a basic design system using a combination of industry-standard tools.


What's New:

Relevant Resources:

  • Overview: A brief description of what we hope to accomplish in this project.
  • Bibliography: A collection of relevant papers on this topic.
  • Downloads: Download the latest versions of our software, data, and evaluation scripts.
  • Publications: Access background information related to this project.
  • Performance: A quick look at the overall performance of our approach compared to some industry-standard benchmarks.


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