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This section contains the code that has been developed for our project. This includes code for the java online interface for regular computing and then also the java text-based online interface for cellular device download.

In the development of our code, we have used the Geographic Information System (GIS) standard in digital mapping in order to allow our interface to be scalable from city-wide to state-wide to even nation-wide. This will be evident when viewing our code.

Available Downloads

  • Bully Bus Java Code: Our interface has been developed using Java 2 Swing Packages for high performance graphic processing and smooth graphic transitioning. It also includes double buffering, allowing smooth image drawing [.tgz].

  • Cellular Device Interface Java Code: This code has been developed specifically for cellular devices. There is little to download with this interface, allowing it to be seen by cell-phone users. This interface is text-based. This code will be available for download soon.

Check out the Bully Bus project interface online at www.bullybus.msstate.edu!



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