Professor Joseph Picone
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mississippi State University

email: picone@cavs.msstate.edu
phone/fax: 601-325-3149; office: 413 Simrall
URL: http://www.cavs.msstate.edu/resources/courses/ece_4773/research/isip/projects

The Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) course for the past several years has conducted course projects. These projects are typically executed by teams of three to four students, and consist of a demonstration of basic DSP concepts on real world signals and systems. These teams propose a topic by writing a formal research proposal, implement the system, evaluate it, and report on it a conference held towards the end of the semester. This directory contains a complete archive of the projects.

The index to your left contains a listing of all projects contained on this web site. The list below points to the archives from the corresponding MS State Conference on Digital Signal Processing.
Questions or comments about the material presented here can be directed to ies_help@cavs.msstate.edu.