Evaluation of Gradient Filters for Volume Rendering


The process of volume rendering involves the reconstruction of a continuous function and its gradients from a discrete set of samples. An interpolation filter is used for the function reconstruction, while a gradient filter is used for the gradient reconstruction. In this project we propose to investigate the impact of the gradient filter on the rendered volume. We also perform a frequency domain analysis of the various filters used for the gradient reconstruction. We use the result of this analysis to evaluate and classify these filters on the basis of their performance on three main image artifacts: smoothing, postaliasing and overshoot. We also propose a new metric for filter quality. Finally, we compare the results of our theoretical analysis with the quality of the actual rendered image.

B. Butler, P. Mantena, N. Sahasrabudhe, and S. Tenginakai.

Mississippi State University

{brb1, pkm2}@ra.msstate.edu, {nive, shiva}@erc.msstate.edu

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