Steven Given
Senior Engineer, Adtran


This lecture will engage the class in regards to their career expectations and what to actually expect in the "real" world. I plan to cover different job functions that EE or CPE new grads can expect to qualify for and in the process I will attempt to eliminate the "I just want to be an engineer" line of thinking. I will discuss some "Deciding Factors" that lead to eventual employment. I will challenge the class to make a list of things that are important to them and use that list as a guide for developing interview questions. I will highlight some current job postings in an attempt to force the new graduate to look beyond the salary and years experience requirements for a job.

The second half of the lecture will focus on career development, answering the age old question "Do I really have to study once I'm out of school?". I will discuss ways to stay "employeeable" while employeed. There are many "horror" stories behind numerous stagnant careers. I will discuss industry pitfalls and how to know when you are helping or hindering your long term career.

My goal for this presentation is the give the students the knowledge that it takes to survive and excel in industry today. Hopefully they will take the information contained in this lecture and apply it(and add to it) in their job search and throughout their career.


Steven Given graduated with an MS in Electrical Engineering, with an emphasis in Communications, from Mississippi State University in 1996. He also received his BSEE from MS State in 1994. From May 1996 to January 2000, he worked for Adtran as a design engineer. He currently works as a Senior Network Design Engineer at Skytel in Jackson, MS.

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